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Business Strategist and Public Relations Expert

Hello, Friend!

I’m Karen Jayne Blattenbauer, but you can call me KJ.

I’m an expert at public relations and amazing at naming businesses and products. Plus, I design the dresses you want to live in.

Karen Jayne Blattenbauer | Pr agency dallas
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I’m passionate about sharing the advice, ideas, and tools that will help you receive the recognition and success your dreams deserve.

Plain and simple: I make things happen


work with me

Hearsay Public Relations

Hearsay Public Relations

A PR boutique helping entrepreneurs and influencers get press and learn to be their own publicists


Pure Calamity podcast

A business podcast that proves f**k ups are the mother of reinvention. Coming soon to help entrepreneurs redefine success and chase their dreams.

Name Dropper - Name your business service

Name Droppers

The go-to resource for entrepreneurs looking to create a powerful name for their businesses, products, services, and events.

Vieve-and-Jo dresses

vieve and jo

Effortlessly glamorous dresses inspired by classic beauties. Because life is too short to wear neutrals.


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Pitch 52 freebie

Pitch 52

A fantastic (and free) publicity calendar featuring 52 weeks of proven story ideas to take the guesswork out of pitching forever.

Pitch Script freebie

Pitch Script

Ready to get your pitch on, but not sure what to say? This free email template will help you draft a response-worthy media pitch.