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Pure Calamity Podcast by KJ Blattenbauer

Pure Calamity Podcast


Welcome to the Pure Calamity podcast

A business podcast that proves f**k ups are the mother of reinvention. Featuring expert interviews, easy-to-implement strategies, and behind-the-scenes secrets from entrepreneurs you know as household names. Catch us weekly helping entrepreneurs redefine success and chase their dreams.

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About your host

I’m KJ Blattenbauer. An expert in PR, who is amazing at naming things and loves wearing brightly-colored dresses.

Originally from a small town in North Dakota, I’m an author, educator, podcaster, and fashion designer. My happiest days are spent championing the underdog and helping entrepreneurs receive the recognition their dreams deserve. Oh, and I’m an expert at f**king things up and making every situation somewhat calamitous.


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