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Business Strategist and Public Relations Expert
Karen Jayne Blattenbauer - PR speciallist

Hi, I’m KJ!

An entrepreneur, business strategist, publicist, and dress designer.

Born and raised in North Dakota, I’m a small-town girl fueled by passion and lots of Dr. Pepper.

KJ Blattenbauer, Karen Jayne brand

Through my award-winning PR practices, world-class training programs, and one-on-one strategy sessions, I’ve helped people like you chase their dreams and achieve their goals.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to help others. Whether it’s assisting them to feel more confident in their clothes, showing them how to monetize their skills, or gifting them an easy-to-follow path to becoming a household name, approaching life from a place of service is my jam.

I also was passionate about a variety of very unrelated things: writing, entrepreneurship, fashion, how things are made, and cute stationery—just to name a few.



After more than two decades working for leading American brands and succeeding with reputable public relations agencies, I realized that my passion and potential made me the perfect candidate for life as an entrepreneur.


KJ Blattenbauer, San Diego public relations

Ready to get out of the cold, I moved to California, and started my own PR agency, Hearsay. I later embraced my knack for business strategy and added that to my mix of services. Frustrated with nothing to wear and a passion for fashion, vieve and jo followed. And, because I wouldn’t have succeeded at any of these endeavors without failures along the way, Pure Calamity was born to encourage others to take the entrepreneurial leap.

These days, I spend my time at home in Texas or on a plane with my husband, KB, and our Chinook rescue, Georgia, who you may already know from Instagram as my Chief Operations Pawficer.



From running on dirt roads, to promoting Fortune 50 companies, to launching a line of brightly-colored dresses when everyone else was obsessed with neutrals, I’m living proof that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.



Which brings me to you, the reason why I'm here.


My brand is built on a fierce passion for what is possible and a never-ending commitment to always be your cheerleader. Through free content, paid programs, and anything else I may offer, I’m here to serve you. I want to help you receive the recognition you deserve. Recognition that helps you achieve your dreams and share your gifts with the world.

Whether you’re dipping your toe in the entrepreneurial pool or growing your brand in a big way, I’m here to help you be the very best you can be. Because, even if the odds seemed stacked against you, I know you’ve totally got this.


If you’ve made it this far, I want to thank you. The best way to stay connected is to make sure you get your name on my newsletter, the A List.