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Jennifer Mertlich

KJ is fantastic. Very clear direction and also provides the “why” behind what you are doing so you know why it’s important. As well as examples of how to do it. She’s professional and an expert in the field. Exactly who you would want in your corner. Thank you KJ! Your insight and help in so valuable.

— Jennifer Mertlich Glam Lip Boutique

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Erica Kollman

KJ gives the best advice for promoting your brand and thinking outside the box. I have found her personal tips she has given me for my small business/blog to be invaluable! Not to mention, she is ultra-responsive, professional, and genuine. Highly recommend reaching out to her to grow your business!

— Erica Kollman, Ask Erica

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Amanda Corley

KJ is the easiest, most responsive professional I’ve ever worked with! She has, what seems to be, an endless amount of productive resources and a level of service like no other! THANK YOU for all you do!

— Amanda Corley, When Life Gives You Limes

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