Jennifer Mertlich

KJ is fantastic. Very clear direction and also provides the “why” behind what you are doing so you know why it’s important. As well as examples of how to do it. She’s professional and an expert in the field. Exactly who you would want in your corner. Thank you KJ! Your insight and help in so valuable.

— Jennifer Mertlich Glam Lip Boutique

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Neda Khalilian

KJ actually taught me how to do it myself while providing the tools. Ultimately, she empowered me with her knowledge to get to where I want to be. Who does that? Most give you a slight taste so you keep coming back. She gives it all to you. To me, that was incredible. She’s a wealth of knowledge.

— Neda Khalilian, Life with Mama K

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Erica Kollman

KJ gives the best advice for promoting your brand and thinking outside the box. I have found her personal tips she has given me for my small business/blog to be invaluable! Not to mention, she is ultra-responsive, professional, and genuine. Highly recommend reaching out to her to grow your business!

— Erica Kollman, Ask Erica

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Amanda Corley

KJ is the easiest, most responsive professional I’ve ever worked with! She has, what seems to be, an endless amount of productive resources and a level of service like no other! THANK YOU for all you do!

— Amanda Corley, When Life Gives You Limes

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Alison Nastasi

What I love about KJ and Hearsay is that she makes PR relatable. There's a lot to learn from her tips, lives, and blogs on the subject for beginners and PR vets alike. I reached out to her personally with a question, and she graciously took the time to email me a personal response with a lot of helpful suggestions. It's that kind of personal attention I really value when connecting with others in this field.

— Alison Nastasi, artist, author, and editor

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Krista Rae Hayes

So thankful to have KJ's PR expertise in my life!! Not only is she an expert in her field, she's one of the kindest and most genuine gals around. Thankful for her expert knowledge and intrinsically positive outlook!

— Krista Rae Hayes, Luminary 2

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Veronica Jimena

KJ is a life savior! Knowledgeable to the point that she will have something in the toolbox to help with any question you might have. Currently going over her e-book - GOLD. Lucky to have found her!

— Veronica Jimena, Wylde Lingerie

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Susan Kitson

KJ is a wealth of information! Her PR tips helped me organize a PR plan that will take my business to the next level. I would highly recommend using Hearsay!

— Susan Kitson, Sleep Swag

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homeJodi Neufeld
Johana Marin

I honestly don't have enough words to explain how much KJ’s PR advice has helped my business. She always has the right answers and her expertise is invaluable.

— Johana Marin, Lulo Swimwear

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homeJodi Neufeld