Rich Pitch mini-course

Rich Pitch mini-course



A mini-course that teaches entrepreneurs and influencers how to pitch so they can land more press, brand collaborations, and sales. Proof that the riches are in the pitches and how you position and promote your business. New to pitching or want to learn how the pros do it? I’ll show you in five, easy-to-follow modules!


This is mini-course is perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs and influencers who are just starting out and want to position and promote their brand the right way

  • Those experienced in pitching who aren’t receiving a response and want to make sure they’re using PR best-practices

  • Entrepreneurs looking for the quickest way to up-level their expertise

  • Bloggers ready to start having the brand collaboration requests start rolling in

  • PR professionals who need a refresher or never learned the proper way to pitch

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