It Girl PR course

It Girl PR course



  • A complete DIY public relations program that walks you through developing a 12-month PR strategy for what to promote, pitch, and post to bring your brand’s story to life

  • Features tips and tools for small business owners, brands, and influencers

  • Includes professionally-written PR pitch templates, just customize the words to fit your brand

  • Fun fact: This is the exact same strategy KJ uses to create PR strategies for all her clients


Maybe you’re struggling with where to start with your PR efforts and collaborations, or maybe you’re tired of putting in maximum effort and having none of your hard work pay off. Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

It Girl is the complete PR 101 guide, which will take your brand from one no one has ever heard of to the name on everyone’s lips—all while growing your business! Are you ready, friend? What if it were possible to take your brand’s buzz from non-existent to the hottest topic in town, with a 12-month content calendar to boot, just 60 days from now?

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