Instant Influencer Toolkit Bundle

Instant Influencer Toolkit Bundle



  • Brand strategy guide

  • Media kit guide

  • Canva media kit template

  • Pitching and outreach email templates

  • Professional response email templates

  • Negotiation know-how guide

  • Blogger bio booster template

  • Rate sheet formula guide

  • Professional contract template

  • Collaboration report template

  • Professional invoice template

  • Access to the private Facebook group


Ever wonder what the biggest difference is between the bloggers and content creators who make a living off being a big-name influencer...

...and the bloggers who work their tails off yet are still slaving away for free while balancing their blog and full-time job in cute heels?

Wonder no more!

This comprehensive toolkit for influencers and bloggers will help you up your influential status and land big brand collaborations—and make it feel like a picnic!

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