bluePRint Strategy Session

bluePRint Strategy Session



Is the stress from not having a plan keeping you up at night? Let me turn your content creation and publicity nightmares into daydreams—in less than half a day! If you need help layout a comprehensive content calendar to help you promote your brand or blog and are ready to monetize like never before, the bluePRint Strategy Session is for you. Consider this 4.5-hour video call* your ticket to personalized, one-on-one strategic planning from a professional with more than 22 years of experience making things happen. Book your strategy session now!


This is a great choice for:

  • Getting a 365-day content calendar done for you

  • Having an expert-created PR strategy for 2019 and beyond

  • Developing key messages, elevator speeches and more

  • Planning all media outreach

  • Drafting an entire sequence of brand collaboration emails

  • Laying out your entire 12-month launch strategy

*I am happy to meet you in person in the Dallas or San Diego areas or any city where four or more sessions are scheduled consecutively.

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