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You may have noticed, but I have a lot going on. Whatever brought you here—the PR advice, business help, or dress line—I’m glad you’re here.

I designed this site to be full of resources and ideas that can help make your entrepreneurial journey a little less bumpy and way more fun. Here’s a quick lay of the land so you can get after it.

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Don’t just take my word for it

You may have heard me say it before, (let’s be honest, you’ll hear me say it a lot) but I love what I do! I get to show up every day and help others achieve their dreams, share their stories, and feel more comfortable and confident in who they are. To me, it’s an absolute honor.

There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing an entrepreneur’s face light up when what once seemed impossible is now doable with a little grit and creativity. I love that I have helped people change their lives with this work, whether it be my courses, book, podcast, training programs, emails, or blog. I will forever be a champion for the underdog, and am constantly inspired by people who take the leap and chase their dreams.

Curious about what I might have in store for you? You can find amazing stories straight from the mouths of a few A Listers right here.


Success Stories

Neda Khalilian success story for KJ Blattenbauer

Neda Khalilian

"If you're going to invest in a public relations company, Hearsay will get you to your goals quicker than you think. The clear expertise and experience Hearsay has in all things PR, digital, and print are invaluable when it comes to growing your business."

The client

Neda Khalilan, an influencer and lifestyle blogger at

The pain

Brand new to the concept of blogging and the world of being an influencer, Neda wanted to get more people and brands to notice her.

After struggling with how to get her message across in an authentic and unique way—that didn't put her in the same mold as what everyone else was doing—Neda needed help communicating her brand and what she truly represented.

She was tired with of competing with the masses for quality collaborations. And she wasn't sure how she was going to make it in the blogging and influencer world.

The process

The first thing I did for Neda was an assessment of her overall goals and where she dreamed of taking her status as an influencer.

Then, we got to work getting crystal clear on how to position and promote her amazing blog.

Within a few hours, we had created a strategic 12-month content calendar that represented her brand, set her apart from any of her influence peers, and freed up her time to create quality content and have a life with her family.

Through a little bit of tough love on my part, and a lot of reflection and hard work on Neda’s, we were able to separate any promotional activities that were counterproductive to Neda’s success from the ones that would successfully springboard her towards her goals.

The gain

In less than 30 days, I’ve helped Neda grow into a full-fledged lifestyle blogger who big brands trust and respect for her creative content, marketing approaches, and professionalism.

By applying the tools and tweaking her content based on our training, Neda saw her Instagram followers increase by 6 percent—more than double what the average monthly follower growth rate is based on Instagram’s best case scenario.

Plus, she more than doubled her engagement!

Even more exciting, Neda started getting noticed by brands who wanted to collaborate with her. She began getting more influential work, more paid offers, and outpouring of brands reaching out to her rather than the other way around

Again, within 30 days of implementing my PR strategy for her, Neda started landing collaborations locally and with big national brands, like Toyota.

Toyota even gave her a car!

And she did all this while learning how and when to pitch and promote herself as an influencer so that she can continue bringing in money with her blog long after training together had ended.

Shawna Orwoll Success Story for KJ Blattenbauer

Shawna Orwoll

"KJ is great at what she does and genuinely cares about the success of others. She’s a cheerleader for emerging businesses, and a great person to have in my corner."

The client

Shawna Orwoll, founder of Away We Go Weddings and Very Married

The pain

As someone who loves what she does, Shawna pours her heart and soul into helping her clients achieve the fairytale wedding days and happily ever after relationships of their dreams.

With every passing wedding season, Shawna was feeling like she had to do more for her clients. However, that left her with less regarding her own personal time, finances, and confidence.

As a helper, she was offering so many different services to help anyone who might need her. Except that desired to help was depleting Shawna’s personal energy and her financial resources.

By her estimation, in the past year alone, Shawna had given away $40,000 worth of services or goods because she mistook good customer service for giving people things for free.

Shawna was tired and needed things to change with how she positioned her business and promoted herself.

The process

An avid reader of the PR advice I regularly post on the blog, Shawna quickly embraced the high level of hustle it takes to be successful when doing one’s own publicity.

After just one strategic coaching call, we were able to take Shawna’s business and publicity goals and help her get crystal clear on her services so I could better communicate them to clients.

Shawna also embraced my recommendation to get signed up with HARO, a free service connecting experts with journalists.

And, she took my recommendations to self-promote even further by using my tips to draft and distribute her own press release.

The gain

Before our work together, Shawna offered so many different services she was exhausted. After we perfected her messaging, Shawna was able to streamline her offerings and her family is happier and she’s getting more sleep.

No kidding, because of our work refining her mission, Shawna was able to reserve free time for her family and she took a vacation for the first time in three years!

Shawna’s brand is still what it has always been, and it reflects her love for what she does and her quirky personality. However, with a clear focus on what she chooses to offer and what she is able to offer, Shawn can provide better customer service to her couples.

Financially, Shawna went from $200 in her business account to $5,000 in one month—just by getting clear on her messaging and focusing only on what she wanted to offer her clients.

She’s also now able to better serve her couples.

And, with the use of the tools I’ve taught her, Shawn has been mentioned in the national media—including Good Housekeeping and Bustle—as well as the largest and oldest Spanish daily in the United States.

Plus, she has nine pending guest posting invitations!

Shawna did all this while learning how and when to pitch and promote herself so that she can continue to shine in the media spotlight, showcase her expertise, and grow her businesses.

Megan Elizabeth success story for KJ Blattenbauer

Megan Elizabeth

“If you’re considering working with KJ, you should do it 100 percent! Especially if you want to learn more about yourself as a business owner, and also if you want to build your business and grow over time.”

The client

Megan Elizabeth, artist and founder of Art by Megan

The pain

An extremely talented artist, Megan felt lost in the world of promotions and by the idea of doing her own PR.

Overwhelmed, she felt like she wouldn't ever be able to take her business to the next step alone.

After struggling with how to get her message across in order to sell more of her art and not knowing where to start in securing new brand collaborations, she turned to me.

The process

A go-getter, Megan immediately embraced outlining her PR goals, dream collaborations, and pitch angles.

Once those were identified, we go to work drafting her pitches and promoting Megan’s work. Going month-by-month through the calendar, we were able to pinpoint where and when her work would fit in editorial calendars, news trends, and brand collaborations.

Then we got pitching!

Megan also embraced my recommendation to get out there and brag up her talents and start pitching herself for collaborations with brands big and small.

She broke down the process of working alongside me in this blog post.

The gain

In just a few short weeks, Megan’s work started appearing in media outlets and brand collaborations across the country.

And her work started popping up in my retail shops nationwide!

While she may have been nervous and tired of reaching out before our time together, after our strategy and planning, Megan felt rejuvenated and refreshed about reaching out to new companies.

People even started to ask her if she’d hired help because she was able to dramatically diversify her business in just a short amount of time!

Now, Megan knows how to brainstorm collaboration ideas to grow her business. She also has the tools to pitch herself confidently and go after anything she wants.

She even has her own painting class in collaboration with brit+co!