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Name Droppers


What if you could end the struggle of what to name your business, product, or service once and for all? Say hello to Name Droppers, the go-to resource for entrepreneurs looking to create a powerful name for their passion project.

We’re crazy about finding you a concept that makes your heart race, not your eyes glaze. So you can focus on things that matter—like starting your business, launching your offering, and finally sleeping through the night stress-free.

Offerings that set your business apart


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About our founder

I’m KJ Blattenbauer, an expert in PR and business strategy with an eye for how to monetize almost anything. You’ll never catch me in anything but a brightly-colored dress.

Originally from a small town in North Dakota, I’m an author, educator, podcaster, and fashion designer. My happiest days are spent championing the underdog and helping entrepreneurs receive the recognition their dreams deserve. Oh, and I’m an expert at f**king things up and making every situation somewhat calamitous (and hilarious).