KJ Blattenbauer PR

We’re more than halfway through 2019, and I have just one question for you: How are your resolutions faring?

If you’re anything like me, you started the year off with a list of big goals.

And I mean BIG goals.

At the top of mine was finally making changes to my businesses to fit the life I dreamed of.

Last week, I announced to my email list and on social media the new direction I’d be taking with all things publicity and found on

And boy, did some of you have opinions!

Like opinions on opinions.

And then some.

In fact, one man even emailed back to say he thought I was a fool for ending my monthly media outreach services and removing most of the freebies from my site.

“As someone who wants to be viewed as a PR expert, I’m not sure how you can continue to call yourself that and offer no PR value. What kind of fool says they want to help people but then turns around and eliminates everything that was once free?”

He seemed really upset with me.

But I have to admit this particular message—and a few others bemoaning the removal of all things free—stung a little. 

Over the past six years or so I’ve given away hundreds of blog posts containing thousands of free publicity tips.

Plus, hours of free advice, time, and classes, not to mention dozens of templates, scripts, and challenges.

This is all entirely free content I know has helped people make BIG changes in their businesses.

And lives.

Which is why I’m not here to apologize or announce I’ve changed my mind on the strategy for how I plan to move forward with my business.

For those of you who are curious, here is what you can expect from me—and how you can work with me—during what’s left of 2019 and beyond for all things publicity: 

  • Pitch 52 Content Calendar– Brand new for 2020 , this content calendar is filled with thousands of key dates and holidays to help you populate your blog, social feeds, and more through January 2021

  • bluePRint Collaborative – During this four-hour video call, you work with me to create 52-weeks of pitch-ready content unique to your brand

  • bluePRint Customized – After a one-hour video call, I personally create 52-weeks of pitch-ready, compelling content unique to your brand

The rest of the time, you’re now going to find me working to launch my dress line, vieve and jo.

I know to a lot of you who only know me as the “PR girl” this is probably coming as a shock. But the truth is, I am crazy passionate about my dress line—and it’s time I finally did something about it.

If you’d like to be the first to know about all things vieve and jo—the dresses plus behind the scenes launch stuff—join the fun here.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your support, loyalty, friendship, and belief in what I do for a living.

And in me.

You have made the last seven years of Hearsay and life as a publicist possible, and I am forever grateful.

Here’s to us all chasing our dreams!

What are your goals—publicity or otherwise—that you’re still hoping to achieve in 2019?