It Girl webinar masterclass

New week. 

New season.

New way for us to get real with one another in the spirit of growth.

Be honest: Are you tired of feeling like your brand is invisible?

You know, watching from the sidelines, as your competitors are landing dream interviews and getting great press that skyrockets them into superstardom and seven-figure (or more) sales.

* raises hand *

I know I’ve been there.

Have you also wondered what the secret is to snagging the same type of attention for your brand?

If so, I’ve got some amazing news for you…

I want to share all my publicity secrets with you!

That’s right, I’m hosting a FREE masterclass to show you exactly how you go from being virtually unknown to completely unstoppable and invincible by landing the publicity opportunities you’ve always dreamed of.

Isn’t it time you claimed your rightful place in the spotlight?

I think so!

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If you’re ready to stand out in the crowd, no matter your industry or how long you’ve been in business, then join me for this FREE one-hour training.

During our time together, you’ll learn from a real PR expert—not someone who conveniently just says they’re a PR pro—with more than two decades of experience helping entrepreneurs and influencers just like you.

You’ll also discover:

  • The one mistake you’re making that’s costing you press

  • Three ways to promote your business without spending a cent on advertising

  • How to create swoon-worthy content that the media and your customers will love

  • Four steps to getting your brand in the news today

Plus, you’ll end the hour with an amazing FREE gift: My fool-proof pitch script.

It’s the exact script I’ve used to get my clients featured on Forbes, USA Today, and E! News—and that’s just this month! 

With this free pitch script, you’ll always know what you should be saying in your pitches without giving too much away.

I can’t wait to see you in the free masterclass this April.

RSVP for the free masterclass and pitch script now!