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Here’s a confession I bet you didn’t see coming: I was painfully shy and awkward as a kid.

But, even as an introverted child, the one place I could be myself was on the stage.

In fact, I played a beggar in Cinderella with the Missoula Traveling Children’s Theatre my first theater production.

Long before that, however, my childhood was filled with a nice mix of actual organized theater and random home theatrical performances.

From singing my heart out like it was nobody’s business to “Gloria” in elementary school (on my Playskool record player, obviously) to putting on movie re-enactments in the neighbor’s backyard with my friends, performing was my outlet.

My love of singing, dancing, and putting on a show is still going strong to this day.

As shy as I am, being on stage is the ONE place I can be myself—unapologetically.

It’s the one place I feel the most comfortable.

And, it’s truly changed my life and made those awkward years so much easier.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself...

"Hold up. How did a shy, chubby, extremely awkward girl growing up in the middle of nowhere North Dakota learn to shine on stage?"

It’s because performing was never about me.

Being on stage was never about me.

And being in the spotlight was never about ME.

Are you sensing the theme here?

It was always about the audience.

Performing was about the people watching. It was about THEIR experience.

It wasn’t about me.

Promoting your brand can feel like you’re putting a spotlight on you and your business.

And, if you’re not used to being on stage, it’s stressful.

You’ve got to step out in front of everyone and be vulnerable.

There’s a chance you’ll have shaking knees, sweaty palms, and a stomach that’s in knots...

You’ll stare out into the crowd, trying to find a familiar face, as you squint into the bright spotlight.

Then you’ll grab the mic…

And it’ll let out a deafening screech as you do the awkward *tap, tap* and say, "Is this thing on?"

Then what do you do?

How do you put yourself in the spotlight—especially when you feel like you have nothing to say, nothing to share, or worry that what you want to say has already been said (multiple times) before?

Relax, friend.

I’m here.

And I can’t wait to walk you through it all.

Promoting your brand through publicity—and truly putting yourself out there for all to see—is the easiest and most cost-effective way to grow your business (and your bank account).

Don’t believe me?

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