Once upon a time, not too long ago, it was enough to put launch a great product or service, talk about it on social media, and watch the sales notifications roll in as your bank account grew.

As the market got more crowded, there was an unfortunate shift where it was no longer the best product or service that stood out, but the best marketed course.

As you can imagine… this was devastating for a variety of reasons.

Legitimate experts with REAL value and AMAZING products were losing out to slick promoters who were in no position to actually serve the market…

… while customers started becoming more and more disillusioned by products and services that would fail to deliver on the promise.

Fortunately, we’re quickly moving away from that phase and into a new one.

In 2019 and beyond, a mediocre product will no longer be rescued by great marketing… and a great service will no longer be able to survive off of sheer hustle and word of mouth.

We’re now experiencing a challenging (but exciting!) shift where you need to have both an amazing product or service that delivers results... as well as an effective promotional strategy that gets it in the hands of your best customers.

Is it do-able?  


But only if you’re prepared.

Which is why I created this new masterclass to show you exactly what’s needed to leverage this shift as your ultimate competitive advantage.

All without spending a dime.

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Despite what you might’ve heard, there’s literally been no better time to start using PR—a totally free resource—to sell your products and services.

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Now is the time to stop creating more content or wasting money on ads and get the right kind of exposure for your brand with a PR strategy that attracts new customers who are ready and more than willing to buy from you.

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