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For a long time, I was a random offender with my weekly content.

You might say I was wildly inconsistent, shoving in content creation at random in the empty cracks of time at the end of the day.

As a result, I was not top of mind for my target audience.

Hell, I was barely reaching my audience!

Then I got it together.

I developed a strategic plan.

And I made a commitment to deliver quality content on a daily basis, regardless of what was going on in my business.

Or in my life.  

That’s when EVERYTHING changed for my brand.

My audience started responding like never before.

I loved it!

But what I loved even more was how easy it was—especially after the plan was in place.

Can you say stress free, baby?

Knowing the relief having a strategic plan in place gave me, I wanted to immediately share it with every entrepreneur and influencer I knew.

And especially with you.

Then, tah-dah the Media Darling Mastermind was born!

This past January, 10 entrepreneurs and influencers joined me in Dallas to take part in the first-ever, one-day workshop for entrepreneurs and influencers ready to step into the spotlight and achieve big things for their brands in 2019 (and beyond).

It was a blast!

From the goals to the headshots to the food to the gift bags—and don’t even get me started on the business breakthroughs—we met up, set goals, and outlined plans to go forth and conquer.

Which was the beauty, and my hope, for the Media Darling Mastermind.

In fact, I custom-designed the day’s events for goal getters like these beautiful souls (and you), so entrepreneurs and influencers at any level can take their passion project from a brand no one has ever heard of to having their brand be the talk of the town.

One that actually makes consistent money.

And, because it’s an in-person event, I got to be right there, one-on-one with attendees to cheer them on and give them guidance.

By the end of the day, each attendee walked away with a kickass publicity and business strategy that’s going to continuously do amazing things for their brand.

Can you imagine how amazing they feel?

Well, wonder no more! Because straight from their mouths, here’s what attendees had to say after our January event: 

“Loved the Media Darling Mastermind! Learned so much and created my entire PR plan for the year. KJ is the go-to expert! Definitely well worth the money spent. Looking forward to growing my audience and expertise without spending a cent!”- Destini Copp, marketing consultant

“Just completed the Media Darling Mastermind and I am beyond excited. I feel like every PR resource I could possibly need to grow my business is now at my fingertips and I know exactly how to implement each of them. The opportunity to mastermind with like-minded businesswomen around a PR-focused conversation has been beyond helpful. I can’t thank KJ enough for this mastermind!” – Neda Khalilian, lifestyle blogger and influencer

“I love that we had a whole day to hash all of this out and walked away with so many tools to move forward and with a clearer direction of where we want to go. I needed the guidance of KJ and this group of amazingly smart women. Love that she brought us all together!” – Ashley Bolin, photographer and graphic designer 

“The Media Darling Mastermind was an amazing day. It was life-changing, too! The light bulb turned on for me, KJ gave me the assurance I needed to move forward and give my best. But most of all, she gave me a part of herself—your heart and passion for helping. I'm grateful.” – Nicole Watts, lifestyle blogger and influencer

Want to feel as excited about your brand’s direction as Ashley, Destini, Neda, Nicole, and the others?

Get ready, because I’m formally inviting you to join me in-person this May in Nashville for the next Media Darling Mastermind.

What do you say?

Space is extremely limited for this exclusive event, so if you’ve been thinking that I could help you take your brand to the next level (as I’ve done mine) and help you craft the publicity and strategy that best promotes your brand, you need to snag you spot today.

RSVP to join me in May here.

Like gluten, this mastermind is not for everyone.

But, you may be the perfect fit for the Media Darling Mastermind if:

  • You’re struggling with where to start with your promotional efforts and collaborations.

  • You’re tired of putting in maximum effort and not having your hard work pay off.

  • Your brand is new and ready to rock but first, you want to make sure you start your promotions off on the right foot.

  • You’re struggling to find unique ways to promote your brand and get noticed among the hundreds of other experts in your field out there.

  • Your previous PR efforts have plateaued, and you want to feel the warmth of the media spotlight again.

  • You’re tired of hitting send on pitch after pitch, just to hear crickets when what you were going for was to be featured in the press or snagging that coveted brand collaboration. 

Here’s what you’ll get when you join me in May:

  • How to build a large and loyal audience eager for your expertise

  • The right way to build authority without reinventing the wheel (or starting a podcast, writing a book, spending your entire life trying to gain followers on social media)

  • How to land high-profile media coverage, again and again

  • The proper way to pitch the media and brand collaborations

  • How to work smarter, not harder and generate less content while still growing your bottom line

  • The exact strategies I use to get press, be a sought-after publicist, and pitch the media and brands

Plus, there will be special surprises and bonuses throughout the day!

But there are only a few spots open, so claim yours now and join me this May in Nashville.

It’s time you learned the right way to pitch and promote your brand—from a true expert.


And it’s time you harnessed the power of PR and a strategic plan and used it to your advantage.

Let’s make this your year to step into the spotlight and achieve big things for your brand. 

Join me at the Media Darling Mastermind.

A very special thank you to the following vendors and partners for making our January event such a success: 

View images from the event, taken by Moments Granted Studios, in the carousel below.

RSVP for the Media Darling Mastermind now and save $200!