I am here, arms stretched out and chest heavy.

My hands are damp against my mat.

I’m watching a woman, about ten years older than myself, lift her body into a headstand.

I remember feeling how that woman must feel right now a week ago, my mental and physical strength so in sync.

But today I am tired. My shoulders ache.

I want to be strong like this woman, and then I realize what I’m doing. In letting another person’s action shake my perception of my own strength, I have dishonored myself.

I close my eyes.

Deep breath in.

Strong exhale.

I bring focus back to the mat, my mat. Press into my hands and feet and hear the soft strength of my own heartbeat.

I remember that I am enough.

I’ve had many moments like this. Moments of self-deprecation, of judgement and comparison.

Perhaps they come from years of putting too much stock into other people’s expectations of me.

Perhaps it’s a manifestation of the part of me that feels I must fight for everything.

But through this journey towards career-fulfillment and self-love, there are three things that have brought a kind of success I never knew was so important—success of the self.

And, while there is so much to be done in discovering this, here are four actions that will not only elevate you personally, but help your business thrive.

Build a foundation

Like in any good yoga practice, in life you must first build a foundation.

This foundation is built on trust for yourself and is then strengthened by people who support and uplift you.

While it may seem like an obvious step, it can be so hard to admit when people you care about turn out not to be part of this.

The people that know you the most can sometimes be the most judgmental, and while their intentions may be good, the honest relationship you have with yourself will give you far more guidance than skepticism of others.

Next, just like you must let go of the judgements others put on you, you must separate from the need to judge them back.

When you focus on others, whether negatively or positively, you draw energy away from yourself.

The cruelty of comparing your life to others harms individual growth.

You are you.

You have strengths and weaknesses that, like a fingerprint, create the original formula of you.

To yearn to be someone else is the greatest disservice, both to yourself and the world around you.

You have gifts that others don’t.

You have experiences and insights and wisdom that others don’t. Your value lies in your truth.

Seeing who you are in an honest and positive way is one of the most vital steps to cultivating personal success, as well as success in your business.

Be present

Finally, you must look inward and be present.

How are you feeling?

Not this month. Not this week. Not even this day.

In this moment, how do you feel?

Are you tired? Energized? Peaceful? Manic?

Whatever the answer, honor it.

Honor the person you are right now, rather than who you were yesterday, or who you might be tomorrow.

The only way to move forward is to know where you are now. It is the greatest act of kindness to yourself.

With living presently comes clarity, and with clarity comes the opportunity for success in all aspects of life.

So what can you do now to start seeing positive changes in your life and business?

Start taking stock of the people in your life who fully support you and promote your growth and wellbeing. The people that build you up when you’re feeling your lowest, they are your foundation. 

Stop comparing

Next, start making real efforts to stop comparing your life to others’ and harshly judging yourself or other people.

If you notice yourself doing either of these things, stop, take a breath, and think about why you’re doing it.

What is causing this comparison or judgement?

Is it insecurity? Anger?

Start journaling.

When you look inward for the answers, your self-awareness will grow, and in turn so will you. 

Pull back

And lastly, when you find yourself overwhelmed with the day or week ahead of you, stressing about life that hasn’t even happened yet, pull back.

Engage in the present.

Start with daily ten-minute meditations.

Go for a light walk on a lunch break. Do small things for yourself that will allow you to be in and appreciate the moment.

You can’t do anything yesterday, and tomorrow never come, so focus on the now and witness your personal and professional life flourish.

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 About the author

Jen Ryan is a certified professional success coach with nearly three decades of experience in the corporate world and as an accomplished entrepreneur. After many years of trying to be everything to everyone and still maintain a prosperous career, she found it overwhelming and unfulfilling. Nothing ever felt “good enough.” All of that changed, however, through learning to be present in her yoga practice. Once Jen mastered that on her mat, she realized how it could carry over and benefit her business life as well. It is now her mission to teach other women how to thrive in business with less stress and more success. Jen brings her clients and audience to the present moment and her ability of meeting people where there are at so that they find clarity and build confidence as they reach massive success in their business and personal life. To learn more about Jen, click here.