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Remember in school when the teacher would surprise you with a pop quiz?

You’d jump to attention, sit up taller in your chair, and your palms would start sweating.

Isn’t funny how now, long after our school days have passed, we’ll see a quiz pop up online and it’ll have the exact reverse effect on us?

As in, we can’t wait to test our knowledge and see what kind of lover, vegetable, influencer, or business leader we are.

There’s just something about the compelling nature of quizzes that draws us in.

And, because it seems like these quizzes are popping up everywhere, I thought I’d do a little digging and give you my take on the latest information.

At face value, quizzes are fun to take, they focus on our favorite topic (our self), and they’re easy to share on social media.

In fact, according to BuzzSumo, the average social media quiz gets shared 2,000 times on social media! And, the popularity of quizzes doesn’t show signs of fading anytime soon.

With numbers like that, why wouldn’t you want to pop a quiz up in front of your target audience to generate more buzz for your brand?

In this post, I’m going to walk you through the exact steps I took to set up my new quiz with Interact, so you can create your own quiz to engage your customers, gather meaningful feedback, and build up your email list.

If you’re interested in setting up a quiz, but not sure where to even start, this article is a great read on how to create an opt-in quiz that works for you.


Follow along as I go step-by-step on how I created a quiz as a lead magnet which gives my target audience the definition of which PR personality they are and an actionable next step to take to build buzz for their brand.

First, using the Interact* app, click on create a new quiz.


Then, the next page will ask if you want to use a template or start creating your quiz from scratch.

I highly recommend that you use one of the handy-dandy Interact templates as they are specifically designed to convert your quiz taker into an email list subscriber.

Why re-invent the wheel, right?

All of the Interact templates are great, and you’ll have full editing capabilities to modify your quiz lead magnet as you continue down through the creation process.


Once you have selected your template, the next step is to select your industry. The cool thing here is that you can select more than one.

No one wants to be boxed in, right?

I selected Business, of course!

Upon further review, and to help narrow the templates down, I went back in and selected Marketing, too.


Next, the Interact dashboard will ask you what type of quiz you are wanting to build.

Here, your options are an assessment, a personality, or a scored quiz.

Before deciding, this is the perfect time to review templates in each category to get a feel for what each quiz template includes.

Once you select your type of quiz, the next option is to select your quiz template.


In this step, you should think of your overall goal and how your quiz can help you lead potential customers down the path of purchasing from you in the future.

I’m a sucker for a good personality quiz, and I think the majority of my target audience is as well, so I selected this type for mine.

In the end, I looked at about five different quizzes, but settled on the “Find Your Social Media Secret Sauce” template to base my PR quiz off.


Now the you’ve selected your template you can start editing your quiz.

For me, this meant heading straight to the Style tab to make sure the look and feel of the template were in line with my brand.

It was as easy as a copy and paste of two HEX codes and BOOM! I had a perfectly-branded quiz that was oh-so-pretty. 


Then, it was time to update the cover page for my quiz. Again, Interact couldn’t make this any easier for you.

You merely go to the Content tab and edit your quiz title. You also can change up the quiz’s cover image to make sure its again on brand (I did). You can even update the quiz description and the call to action on the call to action button.

Because I wanted my quiz to have a more custom look and feel, I updated all of these things. 


Next, it was time to edit the Results Personalities of your quiz.

Here, you’ll edit the title of each personality, the image that accompanies each result, and the action you want users to take once they reach this result.

On the call to action, you can choose to hide it or direct the subscriber to a specific URL.

I went with custom URLs for each result that directs my users exactly where I believe their PR personality needs to go.


Then it’s time for the fun part!

Once all the pretty stuff is out of the way, you get to edit the questions in your quiz.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • You can use image answers instead of text. However, I chose not to.

  • You should edit the results correlations, so that your answers match the question results.

  • You don’t have to stick with the number of questions the template gives you. You can add in more.


The next step is to integrate your email service provide with Interact.

I use ConvertKit, and it was super easy to merge the two systems together.

Simply make sure the “Enable lead capture and data collection for my quiz” button is set to ON. Then select your provider from the list of options.


And, probably what made my loves to segment my email list heart sing the most, I that I could immediately go in and, based on the results chosen by one of my quiz takers, segment them to a specific sequence in ConvertKit.

How cool is that?


I also happen to be very particular about what data I collect on my users, and how. For this reason, I made sure to set my opt-in form to only require first name and email address.

Interact also provides the option to enable GDPR compliant consent, which I also enabled. You know, in case I get really big overseas one day.


Once you’re through these easy steps, it’s time to test your integration.

Make sure that everything is in working order.

If not, and you run into issues, Interact’s help desk is super quick to respond and show you where you went off course.

Now it’s time for the exciting part—publishing your quiz and promoting it!

You have several options to choose from, including publishing as a pop-up or announcement bar on your website or even setting up directly as a Facebook ad. 


For me, the way that made the most sense was publishing the quiz across a variety of channels.

First, as a pop-up on my website. Then, in the announcement bar on my site. And then, sprinkled through my site and social media platforms by having a direct link to my quiz. 


Once my quiz was live, I started promoting it everywhere!

And by everywhere, I mean:

  • Instagram

  • Instagram Stories

  • Pinterest

  • Facebook page

  • Facebook free PR group

  • Facebook members-only PR group

  • Website announcement bar

  • Website pop-up

  • Stand-alone promo blog post

  • This blog post

  • Various places splashed across my website

  • And so many more.



After months of going back and forth over whether or not I wanted to put together a quiz as a lead magnet, I’m glad that I finally did.

Putting together this quiz with Interact was an absolute breeze—they took all the guesswork and content creation out of it –and I honestly don’t know why I drug my feet for so long on this

Sure, I could have spent hours customizing and pulling curated content, but the Interact templates were so spot-on, why bother?

Plus, the help desk at Interact made all my tech nightmares disappear in less than a minute both times I had to reach out. Which, embarrassingly enough, was all because of my user error and trying to rush through the process.

I can’t recommend Interact enough if you’re looking for to add a quiz to your marketing efforts! 

Want your own quiz? Visit Interact now using this link and use code GOLDPARTNER15 for 15% off ANY Interact plan until July 31, 2019. 

* This post contains affiliate links