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As a blogger, how should I reach out to more brands?

What’s the best way to request a paid collaboration?

How many followers do I need before I start asking brands to collaborate?

These are just a few of the questions influencers and bloggers as me each week.

The short answer is just be yourself and reach out.

As in today.

However, there are a few other pieces of advice you should hear before you jump into your first (or next) collaboration.

Here are five ways to snag the collaboration of your dreams, no experience required.

Know your unique selling points

What are your unique selling points as a blogger or influencer? They are the differentiating factors that set you apart from everyone else.

List them out.

All of them.

Then, narrow these points down to the top two or three that best describe your brand.

Don’t take any collaborations or partnerships on that don’t further your brand or align with the unique points you just wrote down.

By finding your unique selling points, you ensure your brand won’t sell out because X company wants to give you free product you’d never use if it wasn’t being offered for free.

Find your own voice

What may have helped one blogger reach 100,000 followers on Instagram and allowed her to leave her soul-sucking job to be a full-time influencer may not be the best path for you.

Everyone is different.

That’s more than okay.

Rather than copy others, take the time to find your unique voice.

In taking this time, you will learn what doesn’t work for you. You also will learn what does work for you.

That’s a huge victory to be able to own your niche after trying it all.

We know what you’re thinking, “But this takes so much time!”

Guess what? It takes time to be a successful blogger, influencer, or even a brand.

It doesn’t happen overnight or through one partnership.

Show up, do the work, and do it all consistently. You’ll see movement on all fronts in no time.

Partner with the right brands

Who you collaborate is the most important part of maintaining your brand.

You’ve heard the saying that the five people you spend the most time with reflect you, right?

The same applies to brands.

For this reason, we urge you to be cautious of the brands you choose to partner with. Don’t just take on any old collaboration.

Make sure it’s meaningful to you. And meaningful to your audience.

Being selective about who you will and will not work with makes you more alluring to higher-end brands.

It shows you won’t just take on any old collaboration.

This tactic of being selective also means you’ll never be the fifteenth blogger posting about a product on the same day that twenty other bloggers are mentioning the same item in the same way for the same brand.

Stop worrying about numbers

You know how stressed you make yourself daily about your follower count and number of likes?

Forget about it.

Brands aren’t looking for huge numbers of followers or who has partnered with a ton of brands these days.

They are looking for who is engaging with their followers, who can get their audience to convent and not just respond with an “I love you” or “follow me please.”

They are looking to collaborate with influencers who can help sell their products or services. Plain and simple.

Seriously, numbers do not matter

I’d be remiss if I posted this on the blog and didn’t touch on my biggest personal pet peeve: Please do not beg for followers.


Especially if you ever want to be taken seriously as an influencer.

Saying “I’m almost at 11,000, will you help me reach me goal by following me?” does what exactly?

Aside from making you look desperate, that is.

If you’re engaging your audience and able to convert for brands, what difference does having 11,000 or 1,200 followers make?

No brand wants to see fluffy numbers of followers that aren’t engaging with you in an authentic manner.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your final overall number is.

Remember, people can (and do, sadly) buy likes and followers.

What no one can buy is real engagement, though.

Have a plan for reaching out

Ready to reach out and get more collaborations, but not sure how?

Do you struggle with what to pitch to start the collaboration discussion?

Start with a friendly and informative subject line.

Offer a timely, helpful subject, such as “Three ways to promote [insert brand name you’re reaching out to] for Valentine’s Day!”

Go simple with “[brand name] x [your brand or blog name]” or “Let’s collaborate! [Your blog or brand] loves [brand you’re reaching out to].”

Or be playful with one that’s fun like, “Why haven’t we collaborated yet?”

Not sure what to say after you’ve nailed your subject line?

Worried you don’t have a professional contract in place?

Not sure how to invoice for your efforts?

Look no further!

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