Easter candy PR

Easter is here and that means the return of all the fun traditions the holiday brings.

From egg hunting to coloring to chocolate bunnies to sitting on the real one’s lap to getting a new dress or suit for church, there’s no shortage of goodness regarding Easter.

Especially when it comes to my favorite part…

The candy.

Beyond jellybeans, cream-filled eggs, and hollow chocolate bunnies, there are even multi-colored, marshmallow candies shaped like chicks that have achieved a cult-like following unlike many other brands.

Love it or hate it, Easter candy can teach you quite a bit about becoming a household name.

Here are a few of my favorite PR lessons that can be learned from the sugary sweets.

Be different

Plain and simple, no two Easter candy offerings are the same.

Even if they all appear to be shaped the same in bunny, egg, or chick form.

Follow their lead. Offer up something a little different.

By putting a twist on your regular publicity tactics, you’re more likely to get more attention and media coverage.

Which means more customers.

Figure out how you can package your brand a little differently and you’ll achieve your end goal.

Be quiet

Minimal in design, Peeps marshmallows have only one distinct feature—their eyes. They have no mouth and therefore, no tongue.

It’s true, look at ‘em.

For this reason, I like to believe that if Peeps could talk, they’d think before they spoke.

Apply this same tactic to your publicity efforts.

Think before you speak to the media or slap that post up on social media.

Before publicizing anything about your brand, make sure you have the answers to any questions that may be asked as follow ups to your statements.

If the media or your customer do have questions for you, make it your goal to respond within 90 minutes.

Any longer, and someone else may answer on your behalf, which could hurt your brand’s image.

Be determined

Speaking of Peeps, have you ever actually met anyone who admits to eating them, much less liking them?

Very few people do, yet they magically reappear in stores around Easter.

And sell out.

Then show up the next year as an Oreo flavor.

Why? It’s a mystery driven by determination.

The same principal holds true to for publicity.

As overused as the analogy has become, public relations is a marathon, not a sprint.

True PR outreach requires not only a solid strategy, but also patience, perceptiveness, and moxie.

It can be challenging to pick up a phone and pitch. Being turned down multiple times a day can be discouraging. However, if you want to be successful, you cannot quit.

Before you know it, you’ll see your persistence pay off.

Year after year after year.

Like those Peeps.

Be fun

Imagine, if you will, living life as a bold-hued, sugary marshmallow. Or a pale pastel M&M.

How much fun would that be?

Tons, I think.

Mimic them and have a little fun to further your publicity efforts.

In the health industry? Go ahead and look and act healthy, but also have fun with it. We know you’ve had an unhealthy snack in the last decade.

Don’t you try to deny it.

In the tech world? Stay busy innovating, but don’t forget to have a little fun and laugh a little about things. Would anyone believe Elon Musk if he told us he was discussing rocket science with all those Hollywood types and models?

Not for a second.

Have a passion for fashion? Even Victoria Beckham has fun with it—just don’t ask her to smile.

Yes, there is a time and place to be serious.

However, that time isn’t all the time.

Be friendly

While some companies, especially other Easter candy ones, dream of having their products achieve the household, brand-name recognition that Peeps have, much of the brand’s success has occurred without any of its own doing.

In fact, the first Peeps contests were the ideas of people without any direct tie to the brand’s parent company at all.

Talk about brand enthusiasts.

To further encourage outside collaboration, and thank their raving fans, Peeps hosts a contest section on its website where it lists all kinds of Peeps challenges.

A great publicity play would be to do the same with your brand’s champions.

Look, every industry has heavy-hitters—from Hollywood celebrities to regular people. Find out who they are and reach out to them.

Are they using your product in a unique way? 

Is there an interesting story of theirs waiting to be told?

You’d be surprised what the creativity of others can drum up and how quickly it can help build buzz for your brand.

All it takes is time to look around, and then promoting and supporting their efforts.

Take these five publicity tips to heart the next time you’re walking through the Easter candy aisle or putting together your baskets.

 Oh, and if you’re putting together baskets, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs are my favorites. 

How will you apply these sweet publicity principles to your brand?

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