Hey there, entrepreneur!

I see you working hard. I hear the whisper of fear you choose to ignore. I see you hustling while others watch and wait.

I know the ache of a lost business deal, the slam of a closed door, and the embarrassment of my first business failure.

Yeah, my business ideas have failed more than once.

I see you busting your butt, making big things happen, working like a crazy person to get prepped for the holidays. And beyond.

Did you forget there’s a New Year ahead?

I know what it’s like to not get to take a day off from the hustle to spend time with family, to miss out on fun holiday outings with friends, and to kiss that holiday gift to yourself goodbye…

Because you need to save every penny to reinvest in your business.

Which is why I want to reward your hustle, long nights, and dedication with a little giveaway I’ve lovingly named Blattitude.

What is #blattitude? It’s a giveaway and a chance for me to show you my gratitude and how much I appreciate you.

You show up for me every week here on the blog, every day on social media, and any time I call on you to purchase my products, attend my events, or support my clients and friends.

For this, I am so very grateful.


So what can you win as part of Blattitude?

There are five prize packs and they go a little something like this:

  • One lucky winner will receive a Camera Ready cosmetic bag (value $24.97)

  • One lucky will receive their very own influencer kit - my new, soon-to-launch promotional kit for bloggers ($297)

  • One lucky winner will receive their very own Pitch, Please! PR pack (value $497)

  • One lucky winner will receive complimentary access into It Girl, my signature PR course (value $997)

  • One lucky winner will receive the Camera Ready Cosmetic bag, Pitch, Please! PR pack, and access to It Girl, PLUS a one-hour PR strategy session with me. (value $2,800)

To enter, visit Winners will be announced 11/25 as part of #NationalEntrepreneurDay.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

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