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Can I ask your advice?

There are few things more precious than a business you call your own.

After nearly seven years at the helm of mine, I’m finally ready to admit I love this company.

Every damn part of it.

In fact, I couldn’t be more proud.

I’ve poured every last ounce of myself into my brand.

Watched this business grow while nurturing relationships.

Had the opportunity to work alongside amazing peers.

And I’ve learned a lot about running a business.

Let’s be real, most of it was learned the hard way.

With any relationship, however, there comes a point where you need to stop and examine where it is heading.

So, what I’d really like to ask you is: What do you really want from me?

I’ve built what I jokingly refer to as an empire. Working very hard and staying focused on helping my clients achieve their goals.

I love what I do so much, I don’t necessarily allow myself—or my small team—the space and time to see what might be missing from our offerings. 

After a lot of reflection and numerous requests for different things that can help entrepreneurs and influencers, the time to raise my hand and ask for assistance has come.

Will you please help me figure out what’s next?

You can be my best friend by clicking here and giving me your honest thoughts by answering a few quick questions.

And, for all your help, I’m randomly giving away two $100 Amazon gift cards to say thank you for your time.

Watching the joy my clients feel after strategically planning out their publicity and content—many who had never put PR to work for themselves before—is one of the greatest gifts for me.

Please help me continue to best serve you, and entrepreneurs and influencers just like you, by providing your honest feedback on how I can better accommodate you.

I’m extremely excited about what this new chapter means for my team and I, and I can’t thank you enough for all your love and support over the years. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some amazing feedback to sort through! 

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